Why You Should Consider Retiring in Nevada

AUGUST 28TH 2021 Sunland Home Care

Here are some of the excellent reasons why Nevada is one of the best, yet frequently underestimated, state for retirement. Nevada has everything that people are looking for.

Nevada is Tax-Friendly

Low taxes is a major reason why people consider to retire in Nevada, and especially Las Vegas. Nevada does not have a state income tax, and it does not tax social security. It also does not tax funds taken out of retirement accounts. In addition, there is no inheritance tax. Retirees can save a considerable amount by moving to Nevada.

Low Cost of Living

Nevada has a below-the-national average cost of living. Seniors, especially those on a fixed income, will find their funds stretch further in Nevada than in some other states. Homes are quite affordable, and there are senior discounts for certain entertainment, public transportation, and some restaurants.

 Retirement Communities

Nevada is filled with attractive retirement communities. These communities offer the opportunity to socialize by providing amenities such as fitness centers, exercise classes, golf, and pools. Most retirement communities have daily events to keep seniors active.

Nevada Encourages Learning

Learning should never stop. The Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas is designed for retirees who wish to participate in an academic environment. Non-credit classes are available in most subjects, from languages, to history, and social and cultural issues. Studies have repeatedly proven that seniors whose minds remain active have a far greater chance of avoiding Alzheimer’s and dementia. There are no tests or grades for these classes; however, the program allows inquisitive minds to learn and meet others with similar interests.

Nevada’s Climate

The only way to describe Nevada’s weather is warm. Reno, in northern Nevada, has summer temperatures in the 90s. The winters hover around a comfortable mid-40s. Las Vegas, in southern Nevada, can see triple digit temperatures in the summer (pool time!). The temperature will fall to the 50s during the winter months.
It is difficult to beat Nevada for pleasant temperatures. And there will never be any snow, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

Nevada is Entertaining
There is always something to do in Nevada. Las Vegs is the entertainment capital of the world. The casinos not only provide gambling, but there is world-class entertainment most nights of the week. Las Vegas is also teeming with great golf courses. Also, the fabulous Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the incredible Red Rock Canyon are all a day trip from Las Vegas. Beautiful Lake Tahoe is a short trip from Reno. These are world-class opportunities for camping, hiking, or sightseeing.
It is almost impossible to be bored in Nevada.

Choose Your Lifestyle
Las Vegas is fun, but the bright lights and shows may not be everyone’s choice for retirement. Fortunately, upscale communities such as Henderson provide all the benefits of Nevada living without the constant flashing lights. It’s perfect for anyone preferring a quieter lifestyle.

Easy for Family to Reach
Your grandchildren will love exploring the Red Rock Canyon, riding the Ferris wheel in downtown Vegas, visiting the dancing fountain and indoor botanical garden at the Bellagio, as well as exploring Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. Seniors can be the cool grandparents and take the kids to the Pinball Hall of Fame, Madame Tussauds, and the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay.
There is also the stunning Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden. This brainchild of Siegfried and Roy includes dolphins, lion, and white tiger habitats.

The state of Nevada offers great entertainment at affordable prices. Furthermore, the various tax benefits this state offers will enable a senior to lead a comfortable life. Senior’s income and savings will go much farther in Nevada compared to many other states.

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